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The Pulse Buffering Power Core Hybrid-ion Energy System

The next giant leap beyond diesel electric.

The 83 HD-X is now offered with the new Power Core Hybrid-ion Energy System which can slash fuel costs to a fraction of standard direct drive diesel installations or diesel electric installations.

The Power Core replaces all of the standard marine propulsion diesels, generator sets, and lead acid battery banks. It converts a vessel to hybrid electric and provides the power to perform all work aboard the vessel.

EnergyTech Marine Group produces advanced propulsion super yachts and energy systems. The new 83 HD-X has been in sea trials and extensive testing. The new Power Core performs many functions that diesel-electric does not. Some missions can be performed at staggering efficiency increases of hundreds of percent. Read the write-ups below to learn how it all works. The Power Core represents an energy efficiency breakthrough.

Pulse Buffering Power Core (how converting all energy to stored ions before using it improves efficiency)
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New Regeneration (how to measure potential available regeneration energy in killowatt hours)
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Operational Advantages Of Regeneration (cost of supplementing with wind power to outperform motoryachts)
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Hybrid Regeneration Sailing (how much farther can you travel on wind power by converting it to electriciy first?)
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Ten Hour Outing (motoring efficiency comparison only, no sails)
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Typical Weekend Outing (motoring efficiency comparison only, no sails)
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Powered Sea Trials

12 Knots in open ocean
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View a construction history slide show.

Teak with ebony inlay in neo-classical interior with raised panel construction and fluted columns throughout.


09/14/07 - Promotional Incentives
Guaranteed cash charters, Manufacturer rebates (7 figures) Trade-ins wanted.
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01/15/07 - Yachts International
Check us out in Yachts International Magazine.
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11/14/06 - Got Power?
Our development team shows off revolutionary new marine battery design.
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